"Leading Indicators of Unchecked Inflation"


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We're back! Brian joins Amazon, we talk subscription movie passes driving return to the shopping malls; and are we seeing leading indicators of unchecked inflation? PLUS: Who is the Nordstrom customer?

Main Takeaways:

  • Have Phillip and Brian run out of things to talk about?

  • Odd-couple partnerships have become a thing in retail.

  • Brian can never talk about Amazon, ever.

  • GDPR: Friend or foe to small business?

  • Brian makes a prediction that may change the way we regard the economy.

Big Box Retail Crossover: Odd Couple Edition:

Can Movie Pass Bring Theaters Back From The Dead?

  • Random movie news: Malls are trading the ghosts of retail's past for luxury movie theaters.

  • In an effort to get people to actually go to the movies, Movie Pass is basically trying to be the Netflix for movie theaters.

  • Brian is not all about movies, but find Movie Pass interesting.

  • Phillip brings up a Retail Wire article that questions whether Movie Pass can reveive dying malls?

  • One really interesting data point from the article: 54% of Americans prefer to watch movies at home, with only 13% preferring to go to the theaters.

  • Brian points out that this makes sense: people can have an equitable movie theatre experience at home, especially with the emergence of streaming services like Netflix, and Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

  • Phillip only uses Netflix to watch The Office (and Jessica Jones) which is pretty strange to anyone who has ever binge-watched anything on Netflix (which is basically everyone).

  • Brian calls Phillip old.

Does Anyone Really Understand GDPR?

Could Economic Growth be Different Based on Social Class?

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