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Main Takeaways:

  • "We are now at the beginning of the experience economy".

  • Retailers are looking for a way to turn mobile browsers into mobile buyers.

  • Millennials seem to be at the forefront of a data revolution.

  • Mobile customers tend to commit to a purchase when they feel that their personal information is secure.

  • Can mobile-commerce really beat out desktop conversions?

How to Win Customers and Influence People to Purchase Mobily:

  • Paypal (Braintree), Magento, and Hi Conversion are working together, along with other merchants and system integrators on The Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative to share data on the best (and worst) practices in conversion to sales in the mobile-commerce space.

  • CEO of HI Conversion Zee Aganovic says that retailers took about 10-15 years to truly understand desktop-based (traditional) e-commerce.

  • According to Zee the invention of mobile brought new challenges as the mobile-commerce customer is entirely different.

  • Since individual merchants cannot handle the enormity of addressing their mobile-customer base by themselves (especially when they are competing with behemoths like Amazon), system integrators are teaming up to bridge the gap.

  • Fun fact: Mobile is quickly becoming a much bigger piece of retail revenue, on Black Friday, mobile-based sales accounted for almost 40%, even though Black Friday is much more of an in-store shopping holiday.

  • "This is all about experience economy + invent of mobile".

  • The purpose of this community is to immediately provide value to merchants, where they get access to experience optimization tools, and community data (on par with the largest e-commerce companies) on what actually works, and what doesn't.

  • Brian loves the idea of merchants sharing data to address markets because this makes it easier for merchants to achieve scalable results.

  • Also, Amazon apparently has teams to address 1-click optimization, and probably everything else.

Proper Data Usage Can Prevent Resource-Allocation Death Spirals:

Mobile vs. Desktop: Battle of The Buying Power:


  • Zee Aganovic of Hi Commerce
  • Hasan Elkomey of Redstage
  • Brent Peterson of Wagento

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