#058 Intera: A New Pathway To Success with Jonathan Troen (Life Mastery Coach)


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We need to challenge the definition of success that society showcases for all of us. The stardom, the big house, and cars, the luxurious vacations. All of that is empty without the human connection. The ties to family, friends, colleagues, etc are fundamentally more important. Without them how do you enjoy your so-called success? We have seen people like Chris Cornell, Robin Williams, Anthony Bourdain, Chester Bennington, etc take their lives even though from the outside, all they looked were nothing but successful.
In this episode, I speak with Jonathan Troen, a life master coach who spearheads the self-love revolution. Nothing is more important than loving thyself and then you can spread the love around. He and I discuss the new pathway to success and how we can set ourselves and our children for a better way to view our lives.
Here in this episode, we discuss;
- How to remove the labels we put on ourselves
- Why the pursuit of financial success is empty in itself
- How we need better role models of successful people
- How leading by example is the way to teach our children
- How to take the leap to reboot your career
Jonathan Troen has spent 20+ years in the music and entertainment industry where he felt deeply unhappy. After discovering yoga post-surgery, he began to understand that self-love was not taught enough and the only lasting love comes from the inside. He is the co-founder of Austin Yoga Tree, runs his own Self Love Revolution life mastery practice, and has been a speaker at South x SouthWest in 2019.
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Guest: Jonathan Troen (Personal Website | LinkedIn)
Host: Takatoshi Shibayama (LinkedIn | Twitter)
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