#059 Extera: Breaking Down Barriers of the Status Quo - Crypto Networks that are Beginning to Recreate the Social Construct


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The more I examine the crypto industry, I can’t help but feel a generational and paradigm shift that started to happen in the backdrop of the global financial crisis in 2008. No longer do the Millenials, GenZs and even GenXers want to accept the economic and systematic construct that keeps them out of control of not only their wealth but how their society is run. The crypto community wants clarity, transparency, and a system that works, not by fuzzy man-made decision-making processes but by technology that truly opens up equal opportunities to all.

In this episode, I speak with Leslie Lamb, the podcast host of Crypto Unstacked, where she interviews the greatest minds in the crypto/blockchain space, covering topics of the latest decentralized finance projects, web3.0, and crypto investing. She's also the Head of Partnerships at Amber Group, a crypto financial services company based in HK. We dive into the reasons why crypto and decentralized finance have a place in this world.

Here is what you’ll learn from this episode;

  • What drew Leslie into the world of crypto
  • How decentral finance (DeFi) is furthering Bitcoin’s original narrative
  • What social constructs we are taking down with the crypto networks
  • How the generational shift is the power shift
  • How the stable coin projects are the game changer

Do check out Leslie Lamb’s Crypto Unstacked here. She engages with pioneers of the industry with well-researched questions that keep you fully engaged. Also if you are interested in getting into yielding products in crypto, check out here company Amber here.
Guest: Leslie Lamb (Twitter | LinkedIn)
Host: Takatoshi Shibayama (LinkedIn | Twitter)
Music: ShowNing (Website)

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