Future of Agriculture 128: Building Soil Health for Future Generations with Israel Morales Sr of JV Farms Organic


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Israel Morales Sr. is JV Farms Organic’s lead grower, carrying with him over forty years of farming experience. JV Farms Organic is committed to growing organic crops in an innovative and eco-friendly manner. Israel has extensive experience in not just knowing what produce matches the type of soil you have, but also the various factors involved in soil health. From types of plants and soil varieties to the very insects thriving within the soil itself, Israel’s wisdom regarding organic farming only serves to impress his younger peers.

Israel joins me today to impart his wisdom regarding soil health. He shares the story of he and his family came to California and how he met his partner and started JV Farms Organic. He describes what the farm was like before they developed techniques to improve the soil and what it looks like today. Israel also explains how their farm solved the pest issue without the use of pesticides.

“Your footprints are the best fertilizer. Walk the field." - Israel Morales

This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • How Israel came to settle in California.
  • The kind of produce he grows on his farm.
  • How they made the soil capable of growing a variety of plants.
  • The challenges he faced in improving soil health and removing weeds.
  • The best lesson he's learned in his 40 years of being a farmer.
  • When he plans on retiring and what he'll do afterward.

Key Takeaways:

  • In maintaining soil health, it's all in the balance of minerals.

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Israel Morales:

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