11: Use it or lose it; making the most of your Biological Prime Time


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In this episode of Future Skills we talk about what Biological Prime Time is, why it's so important, how you can identify your peak productivity or peak creativity time of day, and how to make the most of it through smart tweaks of your daily habits

  • Try to figure out when your BPT is. For many people, it will be about 1 hour after waking up. There are different times, but this is most common.
  • Use your BPT for the top tasks;#1 priority, like writing an essay or a book. That stuff is very hard to do outside of your BPT.
  • Consider making your daily to-do lists based on BPT
    • Make the list before going to bed
    • Start the next day with “#1” for the top 1 thing to do during your BPT
    • Then you might put a bunch of minor tasks/errands after that.
  • Once you discover your BPT, do not squander it playing video games, playing with your phone or browsing stories on Facebook. FOCUS!
    • Postpone errands/tasks during your BPT. Focus on the #1 priority -- that which forwards your capitals and bring you closer to your major goals and achievements in life


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