2: How to Double Your Creativity (for less than $30)


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Inspired by Richard Koch's 80/20 Principle book, we discuss a little-known method for becoming more creative by measuring your mood. Everyone can use it, but it will be more effective for (1) those who have wild mood swings or wide variations of energy levels and/or (2) control their own time.


10 people will win a 15-min coaching session and will receive 3 bottles of ArcticMed (Europe's best omega-3 fish oil, which we both use). The coaching will be done by Skype and you get to pick our brains on any topic of your choosing.

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By 1st of April we will randomly select 10 winners and let you know by email (we'll ask you for a time and date for the Skype session and your physical address for the shipping).

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