23: Alexander Bard on rites of passage, psychedelics, AI, sex robots, matriarchy, religion, writing, reading and success


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Alexander Bard is most famous for his music career, where he's put together successful groups like Army of Lovers and Bodies Without Organs, and for being the top judge of Swedish Idol.

More importantly, however, Bard’s also a futuristic philosopher—one of the most well-informed when it comes to understanding how the Internet and social media is impacting the rest of the world (business, government, public debate).

Together with Jan Söderqvist, he's written the 4 books: Netocracy, (recommended), The Digital Empire, The Body Machines, and Syntheism, and soon -- their new book "Digital Libido".

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this discussion:

  • Giants of psychoanalysis: Freud, Nietzsche, Jung...
  • Sensocracy: when sensors measure everything and people willingly give up choice
  • What sex robots mean for the relations between the sexes
  • About Bard’s coming book Digital Libido
  • About psychedelics, LSD, Ayahuasca cycles and rites of passage, Ketamin, the dangers of opiates, of combining the wrong drugs, about legalization
  • View of the importance of mentorship, context, networks
  • Why religion has nothing to do with God
  • How to become a philosopher
  • How to write a book, and how to do research for it
  • About the (difficult) philosopher Alfred North Whitehead

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