3: Lone Maverick Billionaire Martin Sandquist on: Crypto, Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Being an Infinite Learner


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Martin Sandquist is the founder of Lynx Asset Management, one of the biggest hedge funds in Europe. They're classified as a CTA (commodity trading advisor) and have +70 employees. Martin is no longer active in Lynx. He now spends most of his time managing money and trading on his own.

In this conversation you'll learn:

Martin's 30/30/30/10 time-management method

The 4-step formula that explains most extraordinary business success

Why Martin doesn't call people up for his trades and insists on keeping his ideas to himself

10 book recommendations

What Martin learned from George Soros (and why he keeps Alchemy of Finance on his night stand)

What Martin learned from Ray Dalio and Bridgewater

How to put together a Dream Team in finance

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