33: Walter Kiechel: Lords of Strategy (Part 2)


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In this second episode with Walter Kiechel, we continue where we left off last time in our discussion about Strategy, and Walter’s popular book “The Lords of Strategy”.

In case you didn’t listen to the last episode, Walter has over 30 years of experience in the media industry and among other things --- he's been the Managing Editor of Fortune Magazine and the Editorial Director of Harvard Business Publishing (which includes the famous Harvard Business Review). You can get in touch with Walter through the Lords of Strategy website.

In this episode we go in-depth about the Strategy consulting industry:

  • Why does strategy consulting work? Why do companies hire these consultants?
  • What is the “Jungian Shadow” of Strategy? And what did business thinkers Tom Peters and Peter Collin, tell Walter about the pitfalls of Strategy consulting.
  • We also learn why Walter thinks clients of Strategy Firms are becoming more demanding than before, and what this means to the industry future.
  • Then Walter tells us about the difficulty of behavioural change in business -- and why companies that become the leader in one industry rarely make the transition into the next big thing.

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