Chiropractic Adjustments: Everything They're Cracked Up to Be—Adam Lamb—Lamb Chiropractic


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Suffering from chronic headaches, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, or some other ailment and been unable to find relief from your primary care provider? While some of us seek it as a first choice, others seek it only as a very last resort: chiropractic care. Whether the idea of going to see a chiropractor gives you anxiety or you’re eagerly awaiting your next appointment, there’s likely a lot you could learn about chiropractic and the natural healing methods it involves.

On today’s podcast, Adam Lamb, DC discusses what he’s learned over the course of 18 years as a practicing chiropractor, shares with us his chiropractic adjustment techniques, explains the difference between dislocations and subluxations, as well as what makes that crack sound often associated with chiropractic work, and informs us that everything from the way we walk to the things we eat can lead to misalignments in the body.

By tuning in, you’ll discover:

· How misalignments occur in the first place and what mechanisms are at play once they do

· What factors determine how often the average person needs to be adjusted

· Why you feel better when your body is in alignment

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