Combatting Cancer – Charles J. Meakin, MD, MHA, Medical Director, Care Oncology Clinic USA – Finding New Ways to Fight Cancer, Combinations of Drugs, and Rethinking Treatment


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Charles J. Meakin, MD, MHA, Medical Director, Care Oncology Clinic USA, provides an overview of his life’s work in oncology and research.

Dr. Meakin amassed 30 years of radiation oncology practice before joining Care Oncology in the summer of 2019. Dr. Meakin is interested in health optimization strategies and uses his extensive oncology background to develop and implement ‘whole patient’ care. Dr. Meakin completed his premed education at Notre Dame University, Medical School at the University of Cincinnati, and his oncology training at the prestigious Stanford University Hospital.

Dr. Meakin talks about his early thoughts on diet, yoga, and other alternative elements to standard of care, in his pursuit of metabolic solutions to disease. He discusses the concept of reappropriating drugs that were designed for some other malady that can also be effective in cancer treatment. Dr. Meakin discusses tumors and drug/treatment options that impact disease on the cellular level.

Dr. Meakin provides an overview of the Care Oncology Clinic’s mission and some of its methods. Scientists have spent many years working to find safe and viable combinations of medicines to target the metabolic pathways of cancer. They are seeking combinations that will benefit a large section of people suffering from cancer as well as preventative cancer combinations. And Dr. Meakin discusses their protocol and some of their promising work and successes.

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