Denial is Not Just a River in Egypt, It’s an Increasingly Warm River in Egypt: The Truth About Human Activity and Climate Change - John Harte, Ph.D. – Harte Lab, University of California, Berkeley


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In this episode, we hear from John Harte, Ph.D. and professor at University of California, Berkeley. Harte has studied the effects of climate change on our lives and our ecosystems in various habitats around the world. The science states quite clearly and unambiguously that the planet is warming at an unprecedented rate, and that these changes are due to human activity. Additionally, Harte describes a feedback effect in which the ecosystem responds to these changes in a way that actually exacerbates the problem.

Climate change threatens all of life on earth, yet denialists and political pressures are impeding our transition to more sustainable ways of living. Click play to hear Harte discuss global warming, the biggest culprits, and specific ways we can help reduce our impact.

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