Sitting, Kneeling, and Backbending the Line—Dustin Lindblad—Yoga Slacklining


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You might be familiar with slacklining as the art of balancing and walking on what looks like a thin string between two anchor points, but it can actually involve much more than that, such as sitting, kneeling, laying down, backbending, side planking, squatting, and every move you might associate with yoga. How is that even possible? The answer might best be answered by yoga and slacklining teacher, Dustin Lindblad. She joins the podcast today to discuss how she became involved in slacklining, the myriad benefits she’s gained from slacklining, and why it’s not as esoteric or impossible as it might initially seem. In fact, most people who have a true desire to master it, can. Tune in to discover:

  • Why it’s important to be mindful of your breathing and how relaxed your body is while slacklining
  • What type of shoes Dustin Lindblad finds most helpful when slacklining
  • How to get started as a total beginner

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