Skin & the Microbiome – Richard Andrews, SM, MS, President/CEO and Mark Sampson, Chief Scientific Officer, of Azitra – Skin Disease, Treatment and New Technologies


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Richard Andrews, SM, MS, President/CEO, and Mark Sampson, Chief Scientific Officer, of Azitra, a clinical-stage medical dermatology company, provide an insightful overview of their work.

Andrews has vast experience as a top executive, leading the operations, finance, and development for biotechnology firms primarily focused on novel products to combat inflammatory disease. And Dr. Sampson, recently of Botanix Pharmaceuticals, has immense experience in the development of preclinical strategies as well as clinical development plans for new, advanced antimicrobial indications. He is a seasoned and sought-after researcher.

The disease researcher, and executive, provide an overview of how Azitra strives to address serious skin diseases. Azitra combines various technologies designed to repair disease problems, and utilizes the microbiome to deliver those, thus adding to the therapeutic benefit. They talk about cancer-associated rash, and the various kinds of skin problems that they see. The dermatology experts explain the diversity in a healthy microbiome, and how there are, remarkably, up to a million different bacteria per square centimeter of skin. They explain how this network can be disrupted, which can lead to problems—dysbiosis, which is a microbial imbalance on or inside the body, impaired microbiota for example.

The researchers explain their goal to reset the balance of the skin microbiome to help protect against harmful bacteria and pathogens. And they provide a wealth of information on various cancers and the relationships to the microbiome.

In this podcast:

How the microbiome is related to skin issues

Cancer-associated rashes

Microbial imbalance

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