Testing for Cancer – Gregory Kuehn, MBA, President and COO of Prescient Metabiomics – Colon Cancer, the Microbiome, Testing


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Gregory Kuehn, MBA, President and COO of Prescient Metabiomics, formerly Metabiomics, discusses their innovative work in colorectal cancer treatment and the development of an advanced stool test for cancer.

Kuehn holds an MBA from the University of Colorado and a BS from the College of William and Mary in molecular biology and computer science. Kuehn talks about their advanced work studying the microbiome to predict or associate with disease.

Kuehn discusses their work at Prescient Metabiomics, a pioneer in the development of human microbiome and metagenomic technology. Their groundbreaking research has lead to the development of a non-invasive stool test for the early detection of colon polyps as well as colorectal cancer based on advanced examination of the human gut microbiome. Kuehn talks in-depth about their early work in inflammatory bowel disease, that led them to their current work studying how to prevent colon cancer. Kuehn discusses the detail that they have gone into studying the microbiome, looking at the complex relationships that the microbiome has with the entire body. He talks about biomarkers, toxins, and the functional relationship between the gut microbiome and human health.

The cancer prevention researcher talks in detail about the various hypotheses that exist in their area of research, and why colon cancer has persisted. And Kuehn explains carcinogenesis and the early screening options.

In this podcast:

The mechanisms of cancer development

How the microbiome can potentially provide insight into disease development

Stool tests for cancer, how do they work

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