Utilizing Blockchain Technology to Improve the Patient Healthcare Experience – Ray Dogum – Show Host – Health Unchained


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Ray Dogum joins us today to discuss his podcast, Health Unchained, and his interest in blockchain technology and its applications to healthcare information management. After seeing his family and friends navigate frustrating obstacles in the healthcare system, Ray began dedicating his career to improving the patient healthcare experience. Specifically, Ray is interested in changing how patient information is handled and stored and believes blockchain technology may solve some of the inefficiencies that are frustrating to both healthcare providers as well as patients. In this episode, Ray and Richard discuss the applications of blockchain technology to managing patient healthcare data, what that would look like to everyday patients, and how long we might expect healthcare companies to start adopting this technology.

Ray also discusses his current and previous podcast shows, and how hosting podcasts has helped him gain insight into the players and possibilities of the healthcare industry.

For more information, visit healthunchained.org or visit his profile on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/raydogum.

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