FTP073: The Lover Archetype in The Mature Masculine Psyche


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With this episode, we are starting an eight-part series on the topic of masculine and feminine archetypes that are present in our culture. The first of the four masculine archetypes we are covering is The Lover. We talk about its positive and negative aspects in relation to the masculine psyche, and how it manifests in childhood and adulthood. Also, we share some ideas and advice on how to experience and embody The Lover in a healthy way.

In This Episode Of Future Thinkers:
  • The manifestations of Lover Archetype in the developmental phase of a child
  • Oedipal child's desire for connection in its healthy and shadow versions
  • Mamma's boy and Dreamer types of a child
  • The misconception of the Lover Archetype in the Western culture
  • Lover Archetype in adults and its shadows
  • The characteristics of an Addicted and Impotent Lover
  • Expansion and deep connections as the spiritual side of The Lover
  • How to encourage sensitivity and embodiment of a healthy Lover Archetype

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