FTP071: Embracing Novelty and Uncertainty for a Life Worth Living


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Today we talk about the value of novelty as one of the basic human needs. A sense of novelty is something that many people seek out and use different tools to achieve. Going back thousands of years, psychedelics or meditation were used to achieve novel states of consciousness, and these tools can still be used today.

We discuss how to induce the state where everything feels new as if seen through the eyes of a child. We talk about the language and conceptual overlays that stand between ordinary consciousness and the state of being immersed in the raw experience of the world.


- How we use language to fit all of our experiences into existing conceptual frameworks - Why the state of uncertainty makes us uncomfortable - Why stability is useful and why we need to make sense of the world - The utility of being in a state of newness - Novelty as alchemy — how to make that experience part of everyday life - How meditation helps us get into the state of openness - Using psychedelics as a tool to remove the analytical overlay and use our primary senses - What would global society look like if we would collectively tap into our raw perception - Why being able to exist in the state of uncertainty makes you more adaptive

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