FTP074: Reclaiming The Warrior Archetype in Modern Society


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Archetypes can be defined as the primordial modes of being, sets of behavior, or energies that we as humans occupy on both biological and psychological levels. Archetypes were largely explored and described by psychiatrist Carl Jung.

The second Jungian masculine archetype we are covering in this series is The Warrior. It is the most misunderstood archetype in our culture, often connected with unnecessary violence and tyranny. However, in its full expression, The Warrior is needed in order to bring about productive change in the world. We discuss how this archetype manifests in its childhood and mature versions, and talk about its characteristics and some well known versions of it like The Bully, The Hero, The Sadist, The Nice Guy etc.

"A man who is obsessed with his success has already lost."

In This Episode Of Future Thinkers:
  • Characteristics of The Warrior archetype
  • Aggression as the positive trait — making effort to succeed, being assertive, and having initiative
  • Shadow version of The Warrior in childhood — The Bully
  • How The Hero manifests in childhood and adulthood
  • The suppressed aggression in a Nice Guy
  • Why today's society sees no need for aggression and actively discourages it
  • The Warrior as a force of creative destruction
  • The highest traits of this archetype — discipline, focus, open awareness, adaptability, humility
  • The Sadist and The Masochist as dysfunctional polarities of The Warrior
  • Examples of warriors from popular films and culture
  • How to integrate this archetype in a pro-social and productive way

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