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Gab & Jam Ep 127 Top Music-Related Documentaries Video Description The older we get, the more we are willing and craving to know the historical significance of various artists and movements. Documentaries have been our way to tap into that knowledge in recent years. That’s why we thought this might be the perfect episode to put together, especially in this time of Quarantine, when many of us have quite a bit of time on our hands to enrich ourselves. Here are just some of the many wonderful music-based documentaries that we’d recommend that you add to your watch list. For more detailed information, the links are in the description. Ken Burns’ “Jazz” (2000) 2:22 Ken Burns’ “Country Music” (2019) 4:40 “Tales From the Tour Bus” (Cinemax series; 2017) 5:15 “Searching for Sugarman” (2012) 6:33 “A Band Called Death” (2012) 8:06 “Afropunk: The Movie” (2013) 9:45 “A Great Day in Harlem” (1994) 11:00 “Woodstock” (1970) 12:00 “Mavis!” (2015) 13:08 “Hip Hop Evolution” (Netflix series; 2016) 14:35 “The Black Godfather” (2019) 16:20 “Rush: Time Stand Still” (2019) 18:12 “Imogen Heap: Everything In-Between: The Story of Ellipse” (2013) 19:20 Spike Lee’s Michael Jackson documentaries [“Bad 25 (2012) and “Journey from Motown to Off The Wall” (2016)] 21:14 “Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool” (2020) 23:32 “Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary” (Netflix; 2017) 24:17 “I Called Him Morgan: Lee Morgan Story” (2016) #binge #documentaries #musichistory #diyrockstar #prejippie #bloomingprejippie #coronavirus #quarantine #professional #musicianlifestyle #albums What do you think? Do you look to professionals to help you shape your creative empire? Or do you look for ways to do things yourself? We would LOVE to hear about it! Please share in the comments below. If you like this, you might enjoy: • Musical Discoveries #3: • Coronavirus for the D.I.Y. Rock Star Playlist: • Beyond Blooming Backstage Grove Studios Tour: • “Inspiration for a D.I.Y. Music Lyric Video: How We Improved Our Video Making During Coronavirus Quarantine” • “First Music Video? 10 Best Websites for Free Stock Video Footage” • “Further Confessions: I Hate Video Editing” • “YouTube Frenzy: But the Beauty of this Rabbit Hole” • “Tips for Competing with Yourself (for the D.I.Y. Rock Star)” • “Tips for Video Making (for the D.I.Y. Rock Star)” UPCOMING: • More London-related posts coming • Special Record Store Day Release in the works (Funk album called “Sugar Fit”) That’s it and if you want to join with like-minded people on a similar path to you, join our Facebook group ( ). MUSIC: “I Get Faded (No Voce),” courtesy of PMG Cool & Quirky Custom Music (available through Songtradr at ) More Ways to experience B L O O M I N G P R E J I P P I E : • Blog: • Facebook: • Twitter: • Instagram: • Pinterest: • YouTube: • SoundCloud (Gab & Jam podcast): • SoundCloud (music): • Funky Happy People (Who Listen to a Variety of Genres of Music) Facebook Group: • Be the Next D.I.Y. Rock Star Facebook Group: Please subscribe. Thanks. Until next Monday, here’s wishing love, peace, and chicken grease!

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