The GABACast, Episode 119: Rebels Yell at Cloud.


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So, the South Carolina Gamecocks and the Ole Miss Rebels temporarily traded places with Big-12 South teams, and somehow came out on top of a shootout in Oxford. That was a fun thing that wasn't stressful or frustrating or confusing in any way. Also, did you know that you can purchase stamps from a gas station? DC3 did not. In this week's podcast, your favorite triumvirate on the internet's only Gamecock sports podcast available anywhere on the internet tries to pull-apart the win over a high-powered Rebel offense, while still trying to wrap our heads around how the heck that's going to mean anything as Carolina rolls into Gainesville this weekend to square off against the Florida Gators. One thing is for certain: Jordan Ta'amu is legit. So is Deebo Samuel on kickoff returns.Bryan Edwards also might not be human. Parker White is [still] clutch. Okay, so that's four things, but whatever, deal with it. We also roll through our winners and losers of the week (spoiler: the Baylor Bears don't make the cut and DC3 goes off-the-cuff), try our best to predict this week's uniforms, give our crystal gameball predictions, talk about reviving the camo uniforms because (shrug emoji), awkward family Thanksgiving dinners, and a whole lot more. We hope y'all enjoy listening as much as we do recording. Go Cocks!

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