From Scratch 2 – Meghan Dornbrock is Shotgunning New Games & We Play Caroline Hobbs’ One Missed Call


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This one was so fun y’all! Let’s get into these show notes.

First of all, go check out Meghan and her show, Modifier on Twitter.

In this episode we talk about how Meghan has been participating in Epidiah Ravachol’s 36in16 games challenge! We also talk about this article about how your mileage may vary with gaming spaces, especially if you’re not a white cis male. Don’t fret though, because Double Exposure has your back and are dedicated to providing safe spaces for people to play and learn new games. Here’s a good episode of Justice Points, a videogames podcast about feminism and social justice, where the hosts talk about Storium. We take a short tangent to gush about Rainbow Rowell‘s books, Carry On & Fangirl, but get back on track to talk at length about my favorite game of all time, Monsterhearts. We discuss map games like Fall of Magic, The Quiet Year, and the as yet unreleased Companion’s Tale. We look at Jason Morningstar’s The Skeletons and talk about the ease of getting into smaller games as opposed to big titles. We talk about games that break the mold for what you expect from RPGs, like Golden Sky Stories, and Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish Granting Engine. We talked a little bit about games that were a little harder to learn like Torchbearer, but then we talked about a couple of games from the new #Feminism nano game anthology. We talked about this episode of Backstory, featuring Lizzie Stark and the confessional nature of games. We wrapped up by talking about how the game for this episode reminded us of Caitlynn Belle’s Our Radios Are Dying and shared our mutual love for the Party of One Podcast.

The game for this episode is One Missed Call, by Caroline Hobbs.

(BTW here’s the flowchart Meghan & I were talking about)


From Scratch: I’ll be bringing a friend or two on each show, giving them five or so random games out of my list of “Games I Haven’t Played Yet”, and having them choose which one sounds good to them. We would then learn the game together from scratch and we would record both our learning of the game as well as a tiny actual play of the game in progress. A lot of people talk about how you can really only get into gaming via the “older cousin” route – someone has to teach you, you don’t usually just pick up a book & learn. This is a way to pick up new games while at the same time exploring the ways we learn how to play.



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