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Hello friends! This is Taylor, and you’re listening to another great episode of The Riverhouse Games Podcast. We’ve got another Game Closet this week, talking to two awesome ladies, Chris from The Leviathan Files, and Nyssa, a Canadian gamer currently working on an audio drama for the Firefly podcast. I talk to them about their experiences as trans women in gaming spaces, how to deal with problem players, and the places they love to be in. We did have our fair share of internet problems during this recording but I managed to edit out the worst of it. That said, the first about 6 minutes of Chris’s audio is totally lost, so bear with us until she pops in. So without further ado, here’s Game Closet number three with Nyssa and Chris!

Game Closet: interviewing LGBT+ people in tabletop gaming, creators, fans, anyone! Interviews would talk about personal experiences, games with (or without) LGBT+ representations or themes, or using queer content in gaming. Are you queer or LGBT+ and want to be featured on The Game Closet? Check out our Contact Us page! You can also check out the articles mentioned in the show by checking out our collection of queer/LGBT+ roleplaying articles.

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