10 Burning Questions Heading into the Olympics


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In this episode, Sean and Scott look ahead to 2022 Winter Olympic Games by addressing some of the biggest questions heading into the competition.

Will everyone be able to play? (5:20)
How will the ice conditions be? (9:36)
What is the magic number for losses to still make the playoffs? (13:16)
Will one player win two medals? (14:57)
How will the Chinese curling team perform? (18:33)
What style of play should we expect? (23:07)
Is this the best American curling contingent ever? (28:10)
Will there be an upset? (32:33)
Does Canada have to win a medal? (35:20)
Will one country sweep the gold medals? (42:02)
Are there any players you want to see win? (44:15)

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