112 Who Are Your Games For and What Are Their Needs with Jeremy Liu


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Jeremy Liu was the narrative design lead at NetEase Games, an intern at EA, and a technical designer at Rockstar Games. Titles include Red Dead 2, NBA Live Mobile, and Realm of Duels.

We discuss:

  • How to get into technical design
  • Why you need to study and plan ahead of time before taking action
  • His worst moment of working on a game that was destined to not be a commercial hit
  • Listening is a great quality of a leader
  • Do power naps, 20 minutes
  • How he becomes a walking exoticism in China because of his experience in the USA
  • The culture shock of working in the USA and China
  • Imagine ramming through a brick wall to join the game industry. You have to want it badly enough.
  • Market yourself as niche as possible, show how different you are to everyone else
  • Network with the people who you want to model


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