105: High Performance with Savi Barrowes


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This is the hundred and fifth episode of the GameDev.tv Community Podcast.

Savi Barrowes is creator of The 5 Secrets To Becoming A High Performer Bootcamp and the host of The Dream Big and Live Free Podcast where she interviews executives, entrepreneurs and disruptors about how they overcame their life challenges to go on and live their dreams.

Savi went from starting her life as a 15-year-old girl with no life prospects to getting her MBA from MIT, holding multiple executive roles with global responsibilities and led initiatives that have been featured at The White House level.

Now, she helps turn people into high performers and help them develop the skills to get recognized by senior leadership, become confident and be seen as the expert and authority in their role and to FINALLY get the career they have always dreamed about.

Contact Savi on LinkedIn here https://www.linkedin.com/in/savibarrowes/ or apply to her bootcamp here www.savibarrowes.com/apply

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