111: Stay Awesome with Game Development Legend Josh Loveridge


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This is the hundred and eleventh episode of the GameDev.tv Community Podcast.

Josh Loveridge is Managing Director of Stratton Studios & Loveridge Digital LTD, he is also a International speaker, Serial Entrepreneur & Media creation specialist.
Josh has been forerunning the game development industry for over 7+ years. During this time building up a wealth of creative production skills and knowledge ranging from animation to design which allows him to not only create games that people enjoy but be a successful business owner while transforming the lives of people around him through his work, Josh has a very strong belief in that hard work and dedication can overcome any challenge and wants to spread that ethos to others, His studio is focused on Halloween themed single-player narrative experiences that make an impact on the player!
To date having published 3 titles - The one we found which was published on Xbox One & PC , Castle Costume which was published on PS4 & their latest title Costume Kingdom which is available on PS4,PS5 & PC.
Stratton Studios is set to reach new heights over the coming years with their upcoming titles and Josh is extremely excited to bring everyone along for the journey!
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