GameEnthus Podcast ep415: Humility or Siege Nomenclature


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GameEnthus Podcast ep415: Humility or Siege Nomenclature

This week John (@BookofNerds) from @BoardinEastLA and the @FivebyGames Podcast joins Mike (@AssaultSuit), Tiny (@Tiny415) and Aaron (@Ind1fference) talk about: Board in East LA, Five By Podcast, The Networks, Roll Camera!, Warhammer 40k, Overwatch, DC Deck-building Game, Chadwick Boseman, Take 5, Dead & Breakfast, Cartographers, Fantastic Factories, Rap Godz, Potion Explosion, Pokemon Snap, Retro Tink, The Old Guard, High Score, Gerald Lawson, Fairchild Channel F, Ralph Baer, Tennis for Two, Magnavox Odyssey, Nolan Bushell, Billy Mitchell, Keith Robinson, Intellivision, Community, Star Trek: The Lower-Decks, Enterprise, Board Game Arena, Targi, Dominion, Clash of Armies Fort, The Witcher III, Fort, Arkham Horror, Twilight Imperium, Shadows of War, Control, Alan Wake, Hostel, Saw, Faeria, Double Kick Heroes, NSMBU Del, Verlet Swing, Catan, Undermine, Goosebumps, Battletoads, Crackdown, Batman Arkham Asylum, Rogue Legacy 2, Rayman Legends, Color of Paris, Point Salad, Lost Cities: Rivals, Secret Neighbor Party Game, Bob Ross The Art of Chill, Rus', Ubongo Extreme, Ghostel, Degrees in Darkness, Energizer Batteries, Doom Eternal, Duke Nukem Forever, DarkWatch, GamesCom, Xbox Series X, PS5, The Sims 4 Star Wars, Auto Assault, Dragon Age and more.

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