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First off, I would just like to congratulate you on your excellent taste in musiQ. Secondly, I would like to thank you for taking the time to listen to my mixes. I put a lot of time into these in hopes that you will listen and enjoy as much as I do. I put together these very detailed traQ listing is for several reasons. Reason #1: It frustrates me to no end when I get a promo CD & have no way to find out the artist, traQ & remix names. Reason #2: If you're listening to my mixes, odds are... I like you. I would like to go out and have some cocktails with you, on me. Reason #3: I wanted everyone to know exactly what genres of musiQ are actually being played. R&B artists don't like being called 'rappers'. Therefore, all electronic dance musiQ is NOT called 'techno'. Reason #4: I would like any and all feedback from you. What do you like, what do you hate? I want to know it all. You are my audience and I would like any input you may have on my work. Hope to hear from you soon. I plan on making dozens of different types of mixes. These mixes will be broken into five different categories: Seasonal, Genre, Hommage, Live Sets & Gannon MusiQ. Seasonal mixes, like my "Trick or Beat" mix will be released around the time of their respective holidays. Genre mixes, such as my progressive mix, will be comprised of only one genre of house music & will be released when I feel inspired to create them & can be dropped at any time. Hommage mixes will be compilations of my favorite Producer/DJs tracks. Live sets are pretty explanatory. My Gannon MusiQ mixes are a no holds barred mix and will be comprised of the tracks I am currently obsessed with and want to share with the world. With all that being said, I'd like to thank you all for listening & encourage you to stay tuned for many many more mixes to come! :-) Feel free to sign up for my mailing list, subscribe to my podcast on iTunes or send my page to a friend. One final note, people on my mailing list only get an e-mail when I post a new episode so it will not flood your inbox.

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