092 Honey Halo Nectarine. Visit to a Palm Tree Nursery. The Most Important Garden Task.


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It’s a peach without the fuzz. It’s a nectarine, the Honey Halo Nectarine, a sweet piece of fruit with a long harvest season with fruit becoming ripe when the fruit is firm and crunchy, then remains on the tree until it is rich smooth and sweet with juice just running down your arm. Fruit tree expert Ed Laivo of TomorrowsHarvest.com is back with all the juicy details.
Plus, we solve your garden question about figs that split while on the tree.
We also talk about cold hardy palm trees with a palm tree expert.
Plus, retired college horticulture professor Debbie Flower tells us the most important garden task that you need to do, no matter what you’re growing!

It’s all on episode 92 of the Garden Basics podcast, brought to you by Smart Pots and Tomorrows Harvest. And we will do it all in under 30 minutes. Let’s go!
The Honey Halo Nectarine

Smart Pots!
The Honey Halo Nectarine from Tomorrows Harvest
Palm Tree Care Tips

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