GDPR Weekly Show Episode 91 :- Covid19 data scams, Covid19 tracking app, Remote workers not gdpr compliant, EU Commission investigates Hungarian action, Spending on compliance, Top 4 GDPR violations, Massive data dump, Interserve and BAM Construct data br


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Coming up in this week's episode of the GDPR Weekly Show:

Covid19 data scams, phishing attacks and data breaches,

Covid19 tracking app update,

1 in 10 remote workers believe they are not GDPR compliant,

EU Commission investigates Hungarian action as a result of Covid19,

Spending on compliance using up 40% of IT Security budgets and 43% of organisations have either reported data breaches or been reported to ICO for data breaches,

Top 4 GDPR violations discovered by ICO and other DPAs,

Massive data dump found on Internet, but no one knows who put it there or why,

Interserve and BAM Construct suffer data breaches,

GDPR breach alleged to Austrian Data Protection Authority over Android's use of the Android Advertising ID

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