The New 16-inch MacBook Pro, & the Motorola RAZR nostalgia is real!


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This week we talk about the arrival of the much-anticipated 16-inch MacBook Pro from Apple - have they addressed everything we’d hoped for? Motorola has officially revealed the new RAZR smartphone with foldable display, but is it worth it at $1500? We also speculate on what we expect from the Tesla CYBRTRK event, and the impact of the arrival of the Disney+ streaming service!


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    1. Welcome to Geared Up! (00:00:00)

    2. The $1500 Motorola RAZR Foldable (00:01:41)

    3. Tesla CYBRTRK Speculation (00:21:38)

    4. SPONSOR: National Car Rental (00:35:43)

    5. MacBook Pro 16": Everything You Need to Know (00:36:13)

    6. Disney+ Streaming Service Thoughts (00:48:34)

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