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Redistribution of Warp My Tardis
Welcome to Season 4 of WarpMyTardis Podcast, Hosted by KJ The Comic Guy and Mr Chulak. On this episode your hosts talk about the hiatus of the last month, and then break right into the new seasons of Seth MacFarlane's The Orville, and the CBS Series, Star Trek: Discovery. At the end of the show, Mr Chulak gives his first impressions of the new Roswell Show on the CW Network.
After the usual catch up and banter between your hosts, KJ and Chulak got right into their very enthusiastic reviews of The Orville. So far this season does not disappoint, with episodes that are mildly reminiscent of The Next Generation. We have also seen the first departure of one main character from the show as Lt. Alara Katan played by Halston Sage returns to her home planet Xelayah. This episode ending reminds KJ very much of the loss of Tasha Yar on Next Gen, or Wesley Crusher going off to Starfleet Academy. Both hosts give The Orville ratings in the mid to high 8's There is much to look forward to with this series.
CBS All Access brought back the mid-season Star Trek Discovery in January, and the new Captain doesn't disappoint, nor does the existing cast and level of drama and action. Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike is a welcome addition to the shows cast, and we see a great deal of new development for a number of the cast including Doug Jones and Saru, Mary Wiseman as Lt. Tilly, and Sonequa Martin-Green as Micheal Burnham. The show is dealing with the Prime Directive, General Order 1 and Spock in a psychiatric ward, just to name the goings on in the first episode.
Definite 9 ratings for this one.
In an interesting comparison KJ and Chulak discuss the differences between these two series and why the two of them work so well for viewing audiences, from technology, grit and charisma, to story writing and our interpretation of what each of these series should be. Orville bringing an episodic story with each one being self-contained, versus Discovery with the overarching idea that there is a major story that we will get through, its just going to take the whole season.
Mr. Chulak closed the show with a brief overview of the CW's Roswell New Mexico, a time-jump story of the original characters from the Roswell TV series back in the 90's. And sometimes the 90's should just be left alone. The show has moments of brilliant Sci-Fi ideas, but is just too dramatic and Soap-Opera like.
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