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Hey all! This week Alex from 3 Hours Later joins Frank to talk about X019 that announced some big upcoming things for XBOX. We also go over some classic “Who Would Win in a Fight” contests. Lastly we discuss some of the life as a podcaster. Working with co-hosts, playing the social media game, and expanding your listener-ship.

The X019 from the UK gave us big updates of classics like Halo: Reach and Sea of Thieves. We also got a look at Everwild, a new title from Rare. And then there was the game play from Minecraft Dungeons. This is a dungeon crawler in the Minecraft world with new creatures to fight and the classic role playing classes to choose from.

For the “Who Would Win in a Fight” we had some classic duels. We pulled these from a Buzzfeed article with 17,000 fan votes each. Some of the big ones have been like Darth Vader vs Voldemort, Quicksilver vs Flash, and Deadpool vs Wolverine.

Lastly we talk about podcasting and 3 Hours Later. We are lucky enough to be in the same network with amazing creators and we talk about working with other shows and how we have adapted to me listeners demands.

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