S4E33 - Lessons from Podcast Movement 2019 - “Navel Gazing Hug Attack”


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In This Episode:

BJ went to Podcast Movement 2019 and loved it! He got so much from it, and he wants to talk about all the takeaways that he got regarding the industry, being a creator, being a listener, and just how things can move forward in the future.

  • What is Podcast Movement?
    • Podcast Movement is aconference for podcasters and industry professionals. Not so much podcast listeners in every respect, but not always. Everyone there was a listener of some kind, so anyone can get something out of the event.
  • General
    • LaunchPadDM had a puppy pen and it was the greatest marketing ever. Beej tweeted a lot about these dogs. They were amazing.
    • Our genre, “two white dudes talking about video games” is THE biggest joke genre of podcast
    • Aaron Mahnke mentioned how podcast genres are quickly changing. He’s noticed even cooking shows are becoming popular. Usually these are visual media, but people are learning how to do it via audio
    • Most people stream now
    • Millennials tend to cherry-pick episodes
    • Put keywords into description and subtitle (Final Fantasy, Pokémon, Nintendo, etc, not books, movies, video games, and so on.)
    • Subscribing is THE most important rank factor
    • Reviews are social capital and DO work. THey get people to click subscribe.
    • People consider many different things as podcasts, from YouTube videos to livestreams to
    • Voice call-in number
    • Even on rebrands, keep the same RSS feed. Rob did this with Comic Box, and it was a great move
    • Apparently, Instagram CONVERTS. We need to get better at Instagram.
    • Make an ad, then put it in, share it to the company. If they like it, they might pay. If not, then you can cut it out of the segment and move on.
  • Patreon
    • Unpublish, don’t delete
    • Beej unpublished $1 tier, but it’s still there for folks who are members
    • Talk about it first thing, just as a reminder
    • (Same for email)
    • Use it as a membership program, not crowdfunding. They have tools for this.
    • 3-5 tiers max, fewer is better. 1-2 works great.
    • Walls of text are bad. People there already know who you are.
    • $1 tiers technically can lose money
    • Know your audience, scale of altruism to materialistic
    • Special offers for one-off items, or for goals for specific goals (such as G2G meetup or conference costs or equipment)
    • Membership length rewards, total/consecutive
  • Livestreaming
    • I livestream for work, but want to do it for G2G
    • Do watch parties for each new episode, where we are in the same space, chatting as the episode plays
    • According to everyone, Interaction is most Important aspect and it is 100% true
  • Community
    • Asking people to tell their friends is the most effective way to promote a podcast
    • You have to remember that other podcasts aren’t competitors. They are your compatriots, and that promo swaps are crazy useful and bring listeners to everyone.
  • Next Year’s Podcast Movement is in Dallas, TX and costs $199 as of right now
  • Shoutouts
    • Superlinguists documentary on bbc for Kerstin
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