S4E9 - Moving on Up - “Where’s the nearest Starbucks?”


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In This Episode:

Void moved and it was… a lot. The guys discuss the big move and being apart for so long while keeping something in your podcast feed every week. Gotta keep that streak alive!

Really, writing up notes for the discussion wouldn't be nearly as interesting as just listening to it. So press play and know that we love you.

And that Void's back, baby!

Weekly Geekery

We do, however, talk about some cool stuff in geekery this week. We discuss seeing Renee Elise Goldsberry in concert, the Golden Retriever hero unit in Wargroove, and how Cosmic Star Heroine is Beej's first Platinum trophy on PSN.

Void Apes Out in style, briefly discusses Anthem, and tells Beej about the cool stuff that Apex Legends is doing...and why he'd still probably hate the game. Void isn't sure if he likes it as much as Fortnite, but it does good stuff.

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