Radio Free Hipster Ep. 101: Aperitif


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Radio Free Hipster

Mega Ran pursues a new vocation, The Mighty Rhino works through some relationship problems, and Wu-Tang meets Pink Floyd on this edition of Radio Free Hipster.

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00:44 Kraken Not Stirred – “Front Row Seat”
03:43 Talking / Tyler Gonelli – “The Hidden Truth
04:11 Mega Ran – “The Sunset Flip (feat. Austin Creed)
07:26 Álex Garcigregor – “Perilous Underground Factory
11:15 Professor Shyguy – “Without a Plan
16:38 XENNON – “Miami Beach Chase
21:04 More talking / Tyler Gonelli – “The Hidden Truth”
22:24 The Mighty Rhino – “Ain’t Pushin’
25:41 NESMETAL – “Nearer Still
32:36 YTCracker – “List Run Cold
35:09 Even more talking / Tyler Gonelli – “The Hidden Truth”
36:46 Altered Crates – “Labels” (content warning)

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