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WELL HELLO THERE OLD FRIENDS!!!! Welcome to episode 56.... this time....we send in the clowns.... Mark and Owen. The big review this week is the highly anticipated, and much praised movie JOKER. Owen seen it, but will his review match what a lot of the big critics are saying? keep in mind Owen has no idea what they are saying! Mark review Between 2 Ferns: the Movie... Will it be wall to wall with laughs or just awkward silence? Our dynamic duo also play a couple of games to get you in the mood for these movies, firstly with a brand new game.... Gobbledygook Name Puke... a simple game where Mark and Owen take turns trying to pronounce celebrities names. The other game is a Joker quiz for Owen. Mark gives him a famous Joke quote, and Owen has to tell him if it was Nicholson, Ledger or Leto.... It's harder than you would imagine! Remember to like, review and subscribe where ever possible. Find us on www.facebook.com/geeklydigest

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