Episode 1: A New Hope


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As any good Episode I, or IV I suppose, should be, “A New Hope” acts as a base upon which tall risings of ideas shall be built upon. And as all too many initial offerings fall victim to, episode one has been plagued with near fatal enthusiasm. In a futile attempt to reign in the 25 plus minutes of Podcasting gibrish, we’ve assembled a few “Show Notes”. Think of it as a burly Sherpa through the towering sierra that stands before you. Please mind the smell.
0:00 – John Williams provides the fanfare. A worthy opening.
0:26 – Meet the folks. “Exploring Podcasts as Digital Drama”
0:47 – An apt question if there ever was one. Should definition given fail to truly encapsulate the concept, the good people at The Podcast Network have offered their services.
2:42 – The beginnings of a metapodcast? Dark clouds loom in the horizon…
3:01 – Said communities and there whereabouts? 1up Yours Podcast’s Club Page, where the converts share questions and comments to be explored in the disturbingly coined, “Four Minute Warning” segment. Go forth and prospers, just don’t drink the Kool-Aid.
4:25 – What’s out there? Rogue FBI agents from the mid-90’s would have you assume that the truth is. Of course all good post-modernist would disagree, insisting that Podcasts are all that’s out there.
Napoleon 101. History is for geeks.
1up Yours, and GameScoop. Where the fools wear the crowns.
7:32 – At times academia backs your outlandish claims. We call these the good times. The following article sees Voice being far more engaging for student education. But don’t take my word for it…
8:39 – Perhaps there’s a good reason why you’re not allowed to have Knitting conversations in everyday life. But if you’re so inclined
9:39 – Interesting side note, while googling the concept of Podcasts as a ritual, I was bombarded with Ritual Podcasts.
11:10 – The Inside Joke is like a green toothbrush. Get it? Well I guess you had to be there...
GameScoop shaves the beard. Diggnation takes the shot.
People learn the rhythm of the show, and what they’re expect to do within the performance. The audience becomes a part of the show.
15:52 – The Low Barrier of Entry to Podcasting. Setting the Bar Lower.
16:46 – I consulted Wikipedia, a common
practice, and learned that perhaps she was right. Though the common variant seems to be, third time’s the charm…
18:08 – Podcast Network, and Revision 3.
18:58 – I feel I should clarify. I do not do heroine. I merely indulge…
19:08 – Like a time capsule, “social narrative reflective of the community at that moment in time.” Sounds good don’t it?
21:48 – Wrapping it up.
And there you have it. Stay tuned for Episode 2: The Importance of Being Earnest.

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