GenGap- Teen Selling Virginity/Rock Needs Bad Behavior/Karate


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1) GENGAP "WHAT’S NEW, WITCHU? * Josh will be alone for a week. He has no clue what to do. 2) GENGAP "CULTURE SHOCK" * Nick Cave says Rocks "Dissolute behavior" is key to identity. * Is this an excuse or a truth? 3) GENGAP "POLITICKING" * People are hurting so bad in this economy they are trying to bring back the fake black hand 4) GENGAP "THE FULL COURT PRESS" * Wisconsin Mother/Son team out white trash everyone. They have a dog named BOBO. Same name as Howie Mandel in "Walk like a man" 5) GENGAP "GENDER BENDER- PEACE & LOVE" * Australian Teen is selling her viginity. Has it happened yet and how do we bid? 6) GENGAP "ONE POP STOP" RECOMMENDATIONS Josh Film: Old = Casablanca New= Star is born (Lady Gaga) TV: Old= Family Feud New= Game of Thrones Music: Old= Idiot Wind Bob Dylan New= shot at the night The Killers Book: Old= Count of Monte Cristo New= N/A

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