#49: Cortisol Causes High Blood Sugar | DHT and Aging | PUFA, Immunosuppression, and Hibernation with Georgi Dinkov


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00:00 - Intro, DHT talk
09:45 - DHT restores anabolism, vitality, sexuality even in 90+ y.o. males
37:13 - Idealabs update
40:18 - Stress (cortisol) as the driver of hyperglycemia in type II diabetes
47:06 - PUFA promote torpor, hibernation, decrease lifespan
53:10 - Fatty acid oxidation, Huntington disease, ROS
55:17 - Question: fat loss, fasting, lipolysis, beta-oxidation, niacinamide, nad+/nadh, hypothyroidism
01:03:52 - PUFA are potent immunosuppressive agents
01:07:47 - Question: what about DHA in the brain?
01:10:00 - Question: suggestions for fertility?

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