#53: What is Inflammation? | The CIA's "Finders" Operation | Using Progesterone | CO2 and Stem cells with Ray Peat, PhD


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00:00 - Skip setup music, inflation, universal basic income, gold, bitcoin
08:49 - What are ways to opt-out of the system?
10:36 - Ray's new newsletter: Inflammation, adaptation, and aging
12:16 - What is inflammation?
14:11 - Does inflammation exist without PUFA?
16:16 - Is lactic acid the first "signal" for inflammation?
17:23 - Stem cell renewal, oxygen, carbon dioxide, stem cell therapy, high altitude
22:59 - Are oxidative stress and inflammation synonymous terms? Rate of living theory, Hayflick limit, continuous creation, Artistotle
30:19 - Tissue injury makes a person susceptible to bacteria, viruses, and fungi
32:22 - If a person gets a vaccine, are they harmful to be around?
36:57 - "It’s my considered view that it is entirely possible that [coronavirus vaccines] will be used for massive-scale depopulation.” — Former Pfizer VP and Chief Science Officer Mike Yeadon (2021)
42:04 - John Magufuli's mysterious death
44:33 - Ray's thoughts on men, women, and children using Progest-E, ~5-10 milligrams is an average anti-stress dose
53:37 - Thyroid consumption in traditional diets
55:07 - What would Ray suggest if a person has issues with cynoplus?
57:37 - 1/2 a traditional grain of thyroid is close to 1/4 of a cynoplus tablet
01:00:10 - Question: declining health with digital learning and lockdowns, the meaning of the mask, the purpose of the lockdowns, making organization impossible
01:09:07 - Andrew Cuomo getting metooed
01:10:58 - Ray's experience with the CIA's 'finders' operation, Blake college
01:16:49 - Question: the loss of smell and taste with coronavirus, influenza, metallothionein, zinc deficiency, carbonic anhydrase, serotonin
01:23:09 - Question: mRNA vaccines, immunology, viruses, antiinflammaatories for bacterial, fungal and viral infections, cancer

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