Accessibly Organizing Podcasts with Podchaser's CEO/Co-Founder Bradley Davis


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This episode is a special one for sure. As many of you who have been listening to the podcast, follow me on the socials or participate in #PodRevDay know, I am a huge fan of Podchaser, the IMDB of Podcasting. But some folks I talk to outside of the U.S. have expressed concerns about some Podchaser features not working as well in the country that they lived in. So, what else could I do but ask Bradley Davis, the Co-founder/CEO Podchaser on the show to ask him some globally minded Podchaser questions.

Bradley and I cover accessibility and language issues, combined geographic & language search dream functionality, the push and pull of keeping podcasting open and the messiness that organically ensues and so much more. What we intentionally don’t cover are Podchaser or Bradley’s podcasting origin stories. Why? Because they have already been well covered on other podcasts this year (Podlovers Asia, Inspired Money and The New Media Show), so I am instead adding to these episodes in the show notes at

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