What is your love language? Why is important?


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The show is about inspiring you to manifest the life you want. I am a spiritual life/performance coach helping you create the life you desire. intent of the show is to give you messages from spirit guides to help you to manifest prosperity in all aspects of life: love, family, friends, career, and health. My main focus is helping you raise your vibrational level by guidance from Sara (a Spirit group) to heal body, emotions, and spirit. Healing is about removing from the body, emotions, or spiritual elements that keep in you in a low(negative) state. Higher the vibration the easier it is create/manifest the life you desire. I give brief channeled sessions on the show, for a more extensive session contact me at: earthlightsc@yahoo.com, or 818 599-1503 My rate for listeners is $1.20 per minute. payments are made at www.themessenger.info Humor is very important to me and will be used freely in the show. Studied and practiced for over 25 years as an Intuitive,Shaman, Reiki practitioner, and Hypnotherapist. I spent 40 years in business world in various capacities. Have degrees in the study of metaphysics, hypnotherapy, and business. I've been student and practitioner of the law of attraction for over 20 years.

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