Geroscience and it's Impact on the Human Healthspan: A podcast with John Newman


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Ok, I'll admit it. When I hear the phrase "the biology of aging" I'm mentally preparing myself to only understand about 5% of what the presenter is going to talk about (that's on a good day). While I have words like telomeres, sirtuins, or senolytics memorized for the boards, I've never been able to see how this applies to my clinical practice as it always feels so theoretical. Well, today that changed for me thanks to our podcast interview with John Newman, a "geroscientist" and geriatrician here at UCSF and at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. In this podcast, John breaks down what geroscience is and how it impacts how we think about many age-related conditions and diseases. For example, rather than thinking about multimorbidity as the random collection of multiple different clinical problems, we can see it as an expression of the fundamental mechanisms of aging. This means, that rather than treating individuals diseases, targeting aging pathways may be a better way to prevent or ameliorate multimorbidity. We talk with John about this, and current trials underway to test this hypothesis, along with so much more! If you're interested in taking a deeper dive in the subject, take a look at these papers that John co-authored: - From discoveries in ageing research to therapeutics for healthy ageing. Nature 2019 - Creating the Next Generation of Translational Geroscientists. JAGS 2019 by: Eric Widera (@ewidera) Note: To view the YouTube version, links to the research papers, and/or the transcript for this episode, please visit our GeriPal website at:

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