#031 - The future of psychology?


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Do the principles represent the the future of psychology? I’m Jamie Smart, and what you’re about to hear is me being interviewed by the author Amir Karkouti, the creator of the What The F*#$ Are The Principles? group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/299806010361726/ In this conversation I make the case for why the principles behind clarity (as realised & articulated by Syd Banks) represent the future of psychology. We cover quite a lot of ground in this session including: - What distinguishes the principles from every other psychological and spiritual model - My take on what Syd Banks meant when he said "Thought is the missing link" - Why I believe the two most valuable things you can discover are how experience is created and who you really are The session also includes a Q&A session where I was asked some really great questions, including... - How can you be so certain these principles represent the future of psychology? - Why teach this rather than (for instance) "pure non-duality" or some other spiritual or psychological model? - How to free yourself from the need to convince anyone (and the challenges inherent in that) So with that, here’s my conversation with Amir…

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