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Bloated all the time? Constipation or spastic colon got you running to the toilet? Does it see like every food causes you issues? Do you have seasonal allergies? Did you know this is related to your gut? And do you want to detox toxins out and tame that tummy? You will love this highly informative class given by our onsite Nutritionist, Jodelle Fitzwater. Learn: - How to Lose the bloat and the belly fat - What food and drinks actually increase detox and solve tummy troubles - What foods are the most infllammatory and how to easily limit them - how the gut plays into your allergies, your sleep, and your moods - Many ways, tips, tricks, and solutions for good gut health to begin implementing right away to get results right away. Date: Saturday, April 17th, @9am CST Cost $25 and is available to attend in person or online! (Zoom link provided for online signees). Sign up now to attend online: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/digestive-wellness-nutrition-lifestyle-class-tickets-150402617277 Can't attend at the designated time slot? Not to worry! Simply sign up and the class will be recorded and sent to your inbox to view at a time convenient for you! Get YOUR Gut going and get results!

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