Ep 44: Pamela Arnold John - Discipline to Win at Life!


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Pamela Arnold John is from Memphis, TN. She is a National Physique Committee Judge, AFAA certified Personal Trainer. Pamela has overcome many setbacks but persevered through many hardships and became an IFBB Pro Bikini. What You’ll Learn in This Interview
  • Pamela's life story about coming over from a disease to IFBB pro designation in bodybuilding and what's a Graves disease
  • Tips for bikini athletes
  • Why discipline should be the #1 priority in your life for achieving anything
  • Can you do effective workouts at home
  • …… and much more!
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  1. Smoker at 15 and quit at 35! Listen here how Pamela Arnold John overcame the challenges of life @pamelainthepink http://bit.ly/2yrviox #warrenhoneycutt #health #fitness #podcast
  2. If you are a billionaire and achieving all your goals but if you don’t have health, what you have!?! Listen to Pamela’s thoughts here http://apple.co/2xQV05z @pamelainthepink #warrenhoneycutt #health #fitness #podcast
  3. "You have to wake up with a new purpose each day! It should be the passion that burns within you!" Listen to my discussion with Pamela @pamelainthepink http://bit.ly/2yzpWtj #warrenhoneycutt #health #fitness #podcast
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