Episode #53, Korean Natural Farming: Technology, Origin and Its Future


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This is the second of a series we will be doing on Korean Natural Farming this year with Eric Weinert, and more episodes will be up over the next couple months intermittently with other content. Eric is currently heading back to Korea, and we will learn more from him when he returns soon. He is Korean Natural Farming expert, author and natural farming activist based out of Hawaii. On this episode we discuss the history and future of Korean Natural Farming and the current state within the evolution of natural farming. Eric shares the challenges of farming and marketing produce in Hawaii, the economics of competing with mass-produced food products from the United States and elsewhere. He covers a bit of the history of Korean natural farming and the current research that exists, including bio-enzymes and other new solutions that Eric is returning to Korea to learn more about. Then we discuss the amazing distribution system in Korea that makes locally-grown food much more economically feasible We talk then about the movement of millennials back to farming and the opportunities that exist for young farmers in Hawaii with training, specifically in Korean Natural Farming. Lastly we discuss the economics of existing farming verses natural farming over time. Follow the show @getinmygarden on instagram to see pictures of what we discuss here and to hear about upcoming episodes. Also, visit getinmygarden.com and make sure to sign up for the email list which will include supplemental and special content or freebies, as well as articles or other interesting things I share with my close friends. I hope you will subscribe to the Get In My Garden Podcast wherever you listen from and leave a positive review if you want to support the show!

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